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Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Knee High, Partly Choppy, South Winds

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Hey gang, we are unfortunately still out of town this morning so we borrowed a pier image from our buddies at the Dunes.  The surf is a partly choppy knee high with South winds today.  These winds will remain in the neighborhood of 15-20mph throughout the day.  Best bet will be later on today and tomorrow morning before the winds die off.  We are seeing a lot of Southern winds this week so we're stoked.  That means building surf and warm weather.  Keep your eye on the surf later on today and we'll see you on the island tomorrow morning.




Marine and Weather
Wave Height:    1-2 ft
Buoy 42020:      3 ft @ 4 sec , S (179 degrees true) 

Low Tide:  10:46 am (0 ft)

High tide: 5:41 pm (1 ft)

Winds:  S @ 15 mph
Water temp:  57 degrees
Air temp: High of 70

Sunrise: 7:11 am
 6:13 pm



Today's surf flick!  And yesterday's in case you missed it...