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Tuesday, October 21st
, 2014

Waist to Chest, Pretty fun, little current...

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Pretty fun out there this morning.  Sets are breaking in the waist to chest high range with really fun, peaky drops and only a little current to deal with.  The swell took more of a Northeasterly direction over night so the SS bowl is still working but the Northside is beginning to look fun as the day goes on.  Plenty of waves out there and it shouldn't go anywhere.  Go snag a few!

Have a great day.

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Marine and Weather
Wave Height:    3-4 ft
Buoy 42020:       5.2 ft @ 7 sec 

High Tide: 1:39 am (1.79 ft)  , 3:12 pm (2.07 ft)
Low tide:  8:03 am (1.11 ft) , 9:06 pm (1.57 ft)

Wind:  NE @ 15-20 
Water temp: 79
Air temp: high of 79, partly cloudy

Sunrise: 7:31 am
Sunset: 6:54 pm


Here is a look at the Pier Cam, brought to you by The Dunes Condos!