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Friday, January 30th, 2015

Less than knee high, NE winds

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The Northeast winds kicked up overnight as expected but are only sticking around for the day.  Tonight we'll see these take a more Easterly turn and start to see some signs of surf.  We will have a two day window of South flow before the next push from the North on Sunday Night or Monday morning.  Long story short, keep your fingers crossed.  Our beach demands delicate conditions for things to turn on. But when it does...Oh man.  Keep the stoke guys..

Have a great day!!! 



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Marine and Weather
Wave Height:    0-1 ft
Buoy 42020:      1.6 ft @ 3 sec , ESE 

Low Tide: 1:46 am (2.05 ft), 3:21 pm (-0.37 ft)
High tide:  8:06 pm (5.56 ft) , 9:51 pm (3.68 ft)

Winds:   NE @ 10-15 mph
Water temp: 60 degrees
Air temp: High of 60

Sunrise: 7:16 am
 6:04 pm



Here is a look at the Pier Cam, brought to you by The Dunes Condos!